Practical Information

Conference Report
You can download the Conference Report elaborated by the Office of the Czech Government Agent before the European Court of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, on the basis of the presentations given and discussions held during the Conference.

The Conference will take place at the beatiful neo-Renaissance Žofín Palace situated on the Slavonic Island (Slovanský ostrov). The Palace used to be one of the most important cultural and social centres in Prague where, for instance, Antonín Dvořák held his first concert in November 1878 and where the first performance of Bedřich Smetana’s My Country in its entirety took place in 1882.

There is no direct train from the Prague Václav Havel Airport. However, you may easily get to the city centre via public transport or a taxi. The public transport network in Prague is very dense and the service is very well organised.

Preferential rates for the participants have been negotiated at hotels Yasmin (please note that Hotel Yasmin has changed its name to Grandium Prague), Grand Majestic Plaza and Hotel NH Prague City all of which are not far from the venue of the Conference. Should you like to book a room at a preferential rate at Yasmin Hotel (Grandium Prague), please do so here. Please click here to book a room at a preferential rate at Hotel Grand Majestic Plaza and here to book a room at a preferential rate at Hotel NH Prague City.

Background Materials
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